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03) Does your organisation have 3 years (or more) of published annual accounts?

June 1, 2020
Procurement Risk
Annual Accounts

Answer yes if your organisation has 3 years (or more) worth of published annual accounts. Please upload the last 3 years of accounts as evidence. If your organisation has less than 3 years, please upload any accounts that have been published (as PDF files).

Suppliers provide critical services to many organisations, and without them organisations would struggle to operate. It is therefore important for your clients to understand the financial stability of their suppliers, as a financial failure within their supply chain may lead to business impacts, including delays, damaged reputations, lost revenues, and wasted time.

One method organisations use to increase visibility of this risk is to review the published annual accounts of their suppliers.

Please note that financial reporting requirements will vary depending on the jurisdiction and the size and nature of the organisation. If your company does not publish annual accounts, you should answer no to this question and provide a brief description in the notes section of how clients/customers can gain assurance over your financial stability.

How to implement the control

If you are based in the UK, your company will publish annual accounts at the end of its financial year. Please upload the last three years worth of published annual accounts.

If your company doesn't have 3 years worth of published annual accounts, upload any that have been published.

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