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25) Can your organisation remotely wipe company data on laptop devices?

August 30, 2022

Answer yes if your organisation has a process and technical solution that allows any lost or compromised laptop device to be remotely wiped.

If one of your employees loses or has a laptop device stolen that contains business confidential information, it is important that your business has a method for wiping that data to prevent unauthorised people from gaining access to it.

There are some limitations to remote wiping, so it is best to combine this control with full disk encryption which is covered in a separate control.

How to implement the control

There are many options for third party software you can install on company laptops to enable remote wiping should you need it. You should always check the credibility & security of any third party software before installing on your devices.

The best way to manage remote wipe on laptops is through a comprehensive endpoint management solution which can often facilitate many of the endpoint device controls covered in this framework. Before looking for a separate remote wipe solution, check whether any of your existing endpoint management solutions can provide this functionality.

Your organisation must have a defined process to perform the remote wipe when an employee reports a phone as lost or stolen.

Employees need to be made aware of the process in their yearly information security awareness training.

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