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Tired of responding to endless questionnaires that all ask the same thing? Create a free Risk Ledger profile & centralise all your security controls ready for clients.

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“The past is everyone sending each other unique spreadsheets filled with custom security controls that take countless hours to fill in for each customer. The future is having information on all your security controls readily available for customers to validate and match with their requirements, without any additional effort from your team beyond keeping your security control information maintained. Risk Ledger is that future.”

Chris W.
Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
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Completely free to use

We are completely free to use for supplier assessments. Strengthen your compliance, improve your security and increase transparency with your clients.

Save time

Save time filling out security questionnaires

Shorten sales cycles

Are your security reviews becoming a blocker in your sales process? Risk Ledger could help speed up review times by up to 6 weeks*. *including new and re-assessments.

Just one profile to share with all your clients

Once you complete your supplier assessment profile, you can share it with any clients, suppliers or prospects.

Easy to maintain and update

We help you keep up to date with reassessments, remediations and changes across your whole client base, so you only have to update changes to your profile, not start from scratch.

Collaborate with your whole organisation

Delegate specific questions and controls to other teams in your organisation that know them best - save time by sharing responsibility.

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Improving security

Demonstrate top notch security controls

Remove friction with clients

Demonstrate evidence around controls and move discussions out of long email chains and intro control specific discussions.

Tracking your progress

We give you insight to your clients’ security requirements and help you review where you are in the assessment process.

Helping you implement new controls

Don’t have specific controls clients need? Risk Ledger can provide you with the guidance on how to implement these controls if you need help with doing them.

Share responses to emerging threats

We will notify you on the latest security attacks so that you can verify your controls and proactively communicate it to your whole client base.

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How it works

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“You don’t have to repeat any security reviews with other clients, so overall, it saves a ton of time.”

Chris B.
SAP Project Manager
Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
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The last supplier assessment you’ll ever have to complete.

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