Improve your supply chain assurance process

Whether you are new to supply chain security assurance or have existing policies and procedures, Risk Ledger can help you improve your process.

Suppliers Progress

Centralise your supply chain security management

Get rid of your spreadsheets, files and folders and use Risk Ledger to keep your supplier security data all in one place

Stop managing external communications and email chains - work with different stakeholders and departments to keep your supplier discussions visible and transparent to everyone in your organisation

Gain real time security data and automate re-assessments for your suppliers


Security framework mapped against the latest regulations

We maintain a state of the art security framework across 12 risk dimensions, researched and kept up to date with new regulations, new focuses within your industries and mapped against any gaps identified within our network, saving you time and effort to do this yourself

We help your suppliers understand security questions and help them implement and improve their security postures, making it easier for them and you to stay compliant

Framework Tabs

Rules-based controls

Use our pre-existing policies to classify your suppliers to identify and build up processes for criticality, confidentiality and data privacy

Set up custom labels and policies to align with your existing policies



Use our host of dashboard, reporting and visualisation features to help you report on everything you need, the way you want to see it.


Dashboard visualisation


Network visualisation


Activity notifications


Export functionality


API access

Risk Levels
Export CSV
Export PDF

Continuous monitoring

Automatic six monthly reassessments: Risk Ledger will email your suppliers for re-assessments every six months so that you always have the latest data

Track dashboards and activity logs; track your assessments and compliance scores in real time

Weekly digest emails; we will notify you of any changes to your supply chain on a weekly basis

Compliance Metrics

Audits made easy

Supplier assessments, remediations and compliance scores in one place makes it quick and easy for auditors to review the risks and controls in your supply chain

Industry recognised platform means less followups and questions asked about bespoke questionnaires from auditors

Pattern Trapezoid Mesh

Defend against supply chain attacks with Defend-As-One.

No organisation is an island.