Defend your supply chain with Risk Ledger

Risk Ledger is a collaborative platform for supplier due diligence that helps organisations simplify, visualise, and mitigate supply chain risk.

Average Compliance
Process improvement

Improve your process of security assurance

One stop shop for supply chain security

Risk Ledger eliminates the need for spreadsheets, files, and folders by storing all of your supplier security data in one place. This makes it easy to track your supplier risk and compliance.

Improve your supplier engagement

Risk Ledger gives suppliers only one profile to maintain which they can share with all their clients, which can help to reduce the burden of adoption when it comes to completing security reviews. We also help with the process of supplier engagement by sending out automatic notifications and reminders to complete assessments and re-assessments.

Controls based discussions

Risk Ledger helps you communicate directly with the supplier regarding any non-compliance so you can store any discussions around their uploaded evidence and security implementations.

Supplier risk assessment mapped against the latest regulations

Risk Ledger uses a maintains a framework for assessing supplier risk across 12 risk dimensions, researched and kept up to date with new regulations. This can help to ensure that assessments are comprehensive, consistent and comparable across the supply chain.

Rules-based controls and reporting

Risk Ledger provides a set of out-of-the-box policies that can be used to assess and prioritise supplier risk. These can be customised to your internal needs and pre-existing policies. This can help you to focus your efforts on the areas of highest risk. For example, you can tag suppliers that are critical to your business or that pose a high risk of non-compliance.

Continuous monitoring and emerging threats

Risk Ledger automatically requests for reassessments in the background, giving you access to regular updates to the security posture of your suppliers. When we identify threats and vulnerabilities to the broader supply chain we can also proactively notify you if suppliers in your network are affected.


Engage suppliers

One click connection requests

You can send connection requests to existing suppliers who have already completed an assessment. This is a quick and easy way to onboard new suppliers without having to start from scratch.

Free supplier side platform

Suppliers on Risk Ledger can use a free platform to help them maintain one security profile, saving them time and resources by sharing their assessments with other clients.

Tracking progress

You can track the progress of your supplier onboarding in the Performance dashboard. This dashboard shows you how many suppliers have been onboarded, how many assessments are in progress, and how many assessments are pending.

Action center

The Action center provides you with a list of all of your pending supplier requests. This makes it easy to see which suppliers need to be onboarded and which suppliers need to be followed up with.

Filtered views

You can filter your view of the supplier onboarding process to see specific information. For example, you can filter the view to see only completed assessments, only incomplete assessments, or only assessments that are in review. This can help you to focus on the specific areas of the onboarding process that you need to address.

Speed & Automation

Review and Remediate

Automatic notifications

Risk Ledger will automatically send out notifications to suppliers to remind them to complete their assessments. This helps to ensure that the onboarding process stays on track.

Compliance score

Based on your organisational policies, Risk Ledger can calculate compliance scores for each supplier. This score is based on the supplier's responses to the risk assessment questions and the policies that have been configured for the assessment. The compliance score can help you to identify suppliers that are at risk of non-compliance.

Repeatable processes

Risk Ledger provides repeatable processes for assessing and managing supplier risk, helping you reduce time and resources required for managing supply chain risk.

Configurable policies

Risk Ledger allows you to configure the policies that you use to assess your supplier risk. This can help you to tailor the assessments to your specific needs. For example, you can configure the policies to include additional risks that are relevant to your organization, such as environmental or social risks.


Visualise risks


Risk Ledger provides a number of ways to visualise your supplier risk data. This can help you to identify and understand the risks in your supply chain. For example, you can visualize the risks by supplier, by risk type, or by location.


Risk Ledger provides a variety of reports that you can use to track your supplier risk and compliance. This information can help you make better decisions about your supply chain. For example, you can generate reports on the number of suppliers that are compliant, the number of suppliers with remediations outstanding, and the overall compliance score.

Tracking & time stamping

Risk Ledger tracks and timestamps all activity on the platform. This can help you to audit your supplier risk management process. For example, you can see who accessed the platform, when they accessed it, and what they did.


Report and Monitor

One supplier profile for all clients

Risk Ledger creates a single supplier profile that is shared by all clients of that particular suppliers. This helps clients access up to date, peer reviewed security data for all connected suppliers.

Emerging threats

Risk Ledger helps you to respond to emerging threats that may be impacting the whole supply chain, giving you a chance to audit your supply chain for any vulnerabilities.

Review how we have assisted in the identification of the MoveIT attack vulnerability.

Non compliant controls

Risk Ledger identifies non-compliant controls in your supplier risk assessments. This can help you to take corrective action to improve your supplier risk posture. For example, if a supplier is not compliant with a particular policy, you can work with them to develop a plan to address the non-compliance.


Assessment framework

Customer service

Risk Ledger provides expertise before, during and after onboarding and continuous customer support. This can help you to get the help you need when you need it. If you have a question about how to use the platform, you can also navigate our extensive knowledge base or contact customer support who will be able to help you.

Discussions and evidence

Risk Ledger allows you to have discussions and upload evidence with your suppliers. This can help you to improve the quality of your supplier risk assessments. For example, you can discuss the findings of the assessment with the supplier and request additional evidence to support their responses.

Continuous monitoring

Risk Ledger continuously monitors your supplier risk data. This can help you to identify and mitigate risks as they arise.

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