Review and remediate supplier assessments

Risk Ledger helps you automate the process of reviewing and remediating supplier assessments.

Supplier Policies

Identify areas of non-compliance quickly and easily

Risk Ledger's platform compares supplier assessment results against your own policies and procedures in real time, so you can quickly identify any areas of non-compliance.

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Request remediations and track progress

Risk Ledger makes it easy to request remediations from suppliers against 12 risk control dimensions and your own policies. You can also receive regular updates from suppliers on their progress and open up any discussions around their uploaded evidence and controls.

Request remediation

Approve remediations and verify resolution

Once the supplier has completed the remediation process, you can approve the remediations and verify that the issue has been resolved.

Supplier Policies

Get input from stakeholders

Risk Ledger allows you to easily get input from stakeholders, such as security, legal, and procurement, when reviewing supplier assessments. This can help to ensure that all aspects of the assessment are considered and that the remediation process is appropriate.

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Document the process

Risk Ledger automatically documents the review and remediation process for each supplier assessment on your dashboard and reporting modules. This can be used to track progress, identify any issues, and provide evidence of compliance to internal and external stakeholders.

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Audit friendly

Risk Ledger is audit-friendly, so you can easily demonstrate your compliance with regulations.

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