Visualise, Identify, and prioritise risks

Using our network based model, you will have unrivalled access of being able to visualise risks in your supply chain for the first time. Draw up action plans and help make your supply chains more secure in the long run.

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Along with our reporting capabilities, Risk Ledger provides a number of novel ways to visualise risks in your supply chain:

Visualize 4th/5th/6th party risk

You may be aware of your third parties but Risk Ledger can help you to visualise the risks posed by your 4th and 5th party suppliers by looking at the connections between your suppliers and customers. This can help you to identify and mitigate risks that you may not have been aware of otherwise.

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Create a network map of your suppliers and identify concentration risk

This can help you to identify suppliers that are critical to your business and that may pose a higher risk of non-compliance. Use this to create action plans and discussions with your business to become more resilient.

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Raising and tracking new risks in your network

Raise new potential risks and see how these risks impact your whole supply chain over time.

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Create a heatmap of your supplier risk

This can help you to quickly identify areas of high risk and to focus your remediation efforts on those areas.

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Network scope

Tracking a timeline of your supplier risk

This can help you to track the progress of your remediation efforts and to identify any areas where you may need to take additional steps.


Improving organisational resilience

Improved decision-making

By visualising risks in this way, you can make better decisions about concentration risks within your supply chain. You can decide which suppliers to onboard, which suppliers to de-risk, which concentration risks need to be addressed in your organisations and how to allocate resources to improve your organisational resilience.

Compliance Domain Chart

Increased collaboration

Risk visualisation in this manner can help to improve collaboration between different stakeholders in your organisation. For example, you can share risk visualisations with your board, security team, legal team, and procurement team to get their input on how to mitigate risks.


Improved security and reduced risk

By visualising your risks as part of a larger network, you can reduce risks and potential vulnerabilities within the supply chain and the risk of your organisation being compromised. Identify remediate risks before they cause a problem.

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