Engage suppliers

Risk Ledger helps reduce the time it takes to review suppliers by connecting you to those already in our network or directly engages those who are not.

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Suppliers on the Risk Ledger network

Did you know, most of our clients already have 10%-30% of their suppliers already using Risk Ledger? Contact us to see how many of your suppliers may already be using Risk Ledger.

One click connection requests

You can send connection requests to existing suppliers who have already completed an assessment. This is a quick and easy way to onboard new suppliers without having to start from scratch.

Start reviewing answers against policies

Once you have sent a connection request, you can review the supplier's answers to the assessment questions against your company's policies. This helps you to ensure that the supplier is meeting your security requirements.

Supplier Invites

Engaging suppliers outside our network

For suppliers outside the Risk Ledger network, we can help improve and automate supplier engagement for you through:

Bulk invites

You can invite multiple new suppliers to onboard at the same time using bulk invites. This is a great way to save time when onboarding a large number of suppliers.

Free for suppliers and easy to maintain

Risk Ledger is completely free to suppliers and is user-friendly and easy to navigate.  Suppliers can invite collaborators in their own organisations, which can help to speed up the process. Once completed, they can share this with their other clients, making it easy for them to maintain.

Automatic chasers

Risk Ledger will automatically send out notifications to suppliers to remind them to complete their assessments. This helps to ensure that the onboarding process stays on track.

Customer support and hand holding

Suppliers have access to our customer support, help centre and security knowledge base. We help your suppliers through their assessment and recommend controls where they don’t exist.

Progress tracking and action center

The Action center provides you with a list of all of your pending supplier requests. This makes it easy to see which suppliers need to be onboarded and which suppliers need to be followed up with.

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Assessment reviews

Completed assessments

You can review completed assessments to see how your suppliers are performing. This information can help you to identify any areas where your suppliers need to improve their security posture.

Incomplete assessments

You can view incomplete assessments to see which suppliers have not yet completed their assessments. This information can help you to follow up with the suppliers and ensure that they complete their assessments on time.

In review

You can view assessments that are currently in review and open up any discussions or remediations around specific controls. This information can help you to track the progress of the onboarding process and ensure that it is completed on time.

Filtered views

You can filter your view of the supplier onboarding process to see specific information. For example, you can filter the view to see only completed assessments, only incomplete assessments, or only assessments that are in review. This can help you to focus on the specific areas of the onboarding process that you need to address.

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Suppliers filters
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