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Securing global supply chains

Risk Ledger was founded in 2018 by Haydn Brooks and Daniel Saul, with a mission to shift the way organisations approach cybersecurity and information management in the supply chain.

We are making an impact by changing the way organisations identify, measure and mitigate security risks for themselves, their clients and their suppliers. In doing so, we plan to reduce the number of global data breaches experienced by companies and consumers as a result of supply chain attacks.

We provide organisations, large and small, with the tools and knowledge they need to increase their security maturity. By offering the data and resources needed to efficiently measure and mitigate their levels of cyber risk, we enable organisations to truly understand the entirety of their security landscape.

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For additional information about Risk Ledger and our founders, the work we do, or for interview and media kit requests, please contact us at: or call our team on +44 20 3488 5800

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