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About Risk Ledger

Risk Ledger allows your company to answer one simple question - how do you know that the suppliers you choose to work with are secure?

A survey of companies that had suffered a data breach revealed that over 60% of the data breaches involved a third party supplier. Risk Ledger's mission is to secure the worlds supplier ecosystem. We aim to secure supply chains globally against cyber-attacks, decreasing the frequency of data breaches occurring, and reducing their impact on consumers.

Risk Ledger is the world’s first, fully scalable, third party assurance platform. The concept is simple; suppliers host their security data on the platform, and validate this security data with an external consultancy to ensure it’s accuracy. Clients input their security policy into the platform and select the suppliers that they work with. The platform compares the policy against the suppliers security data and identifies exactly which suppliers meet your security requirements and which suppliers don’t, allowing you to remediate the vulnerabilities across the entire supply chain.

Save £250,000

Our clients can save over £250,000 every year (whilst decreasing their security risk)  by switching from a manual third party assurance programme to using Risk Ledger.

Save 5000+ Hours

Our clients can save over 5000 hours of productive time annually by switching from a manual third party assurance programme to using Risk Ledger.

Complete Risk Visibility

We offer our clients complete visibility of the security risk their supply chain introduces to their business. We can scale up to an unlimited number of suppliers.

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