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Supply chain risk assurance management

Beyond Third-Party Risk Management

Be confidently on top of your supply chain security

Traditional risk assessment processes are a paper shield against cyber attacks. Risk Ledger removes the burden of inefficient, ineffective admin, so organisations can do more of what matters.

Global supply chain risk assurance


Want more confidence in your supplier risk management? We can help.

“By using the NCSC award-winning Risk Ledger platform, we aim to establish best practice in supply chain security management, the experience of which we can share with all sectors of the UK economy.”

City of London Corporation

“The Risk Ledger platform allows us to easily collect and review granular data about the risk controls our suppliers have implemented across a comprehensive set of domains to help make informed decisions about our supply chain security risks.”

IS Security Manager at a water company

“We are pleased to partner with the Risk Ledger network and to work proactively with our suppliers to drive down risk. Working with Risk Ledger allows us to get a better snapshot of the overall risk within our supply chain.”

Neil Patel, Global Head of IT
Apax Partners

“We chose Risk Ledger due to the comprehensive yet intuitive and simple to use platform functionality which allows us to easily assess and continuously monitor risk controls implemented by our suppliers via dashboards and other tools.”

Brett Backhouse, Head of Market Operations & Risk

What’s different about using Risk Ledger?

  1. Get the right risk assessment data with our dynamic controls framework. It unlocks network effects to scale your supply chain security.
  2. See live assessment data in supplier-owned profiles (like Linkedin for cybersecurity).
  3. Send and receive updates about controls in real time. Our network model means suppliers and clients are always connected.
  4. Collaborate on remediation and other tasks directly in the platform.
  5. Visualise concentration risk beyond third parties.
  6. Do continuous monitoring, but from inside out.
  7. Join us in creating the future of Defend-as-One. (No organisation is an island. Already, many customers use Risk Ledger as both a client and a supplier.)
Connected nodes representing a network
17,000 users and counting.
5,000+ organisations are sharing their supplier profile with Risk Ledger, including 20 FTSE 100 companies


Fed up of filling in cybersecurity questionnaires? We can help.

“Thank you for pushing to bring Risk Ledger into the world of cyber security, we just passed a 3rd party security audit, and a big part of that was our use of Risk Ledger!”

CISO at a digital transformation consultancy

“Since our organisation is so large, we don't often respond to specific questionnaire requests, but because Risk Ledger was so comprehensive, it really helped us through the process and makes it easy for us to respond.”

Multinational oil and gas company

“I was blown away. Being able to add comments and communicate back and forth made it so much easier than the word docs and spreadsheets I was used to.”

Solutions Engineer at an online event platform

“It’s probably the best risk assessment system I’ve worked with, much better than any others I’ve used before. Very clear and simple to use, understand and to tap into additional resources to aid in understanding of how to answer the questions”

Schroders Personal Wealth

Industry Awards

“Risk Ledger beat some excellent competition at the Cyber Den event because their platform approaches supply chain security in a novel way that could revolutionise the way organisations understand the cybersecurity of their supply chains which is at the root of so many security incidents.”

Ian Levy, Technical Director
UK National Cyber Security Centre
tech UK Blue Tuplip Awards Cyber UK
Top 5

Explore our Dynamic Controls Framework for supplier assessments

Approved by UK government experts, our framework is the only way to achieve real scalability for supply chain security. We’re always evolving it with feedback from our customers – an untapped source of collectivised expertise.

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