Risk Ledger


Chief technology officer

Position Overview

Our aim is to secure the worlds supplier ecosystem against cyber-attacks, decreasing the frequency of data breaches occurring and reducing their impact on consumers like you and me. Risk Ledger is building a product that will answer a simple question – how does a company know that the suppliers it chooses to work with are secure?

In order to achieve this aim Risk Ledger seeks a CTO to join its team.

This is a “full-stack” position in the truest sense, involving everything from system architecture and design, system development, system administration and DevOps through to product strategy. On a Monday you may find yourself building the web application that our company offers clients, and on a Tuesday, you may find yourself speaking at a conference to business executives about the solution roadmap.

Roles and Responsibilities

Phase 1 – Building the MVP

You will be the technology expert within the Risk Ledger team. You will take the business requirements and prototype that we have built and use this to define the technology stack and system architecture of the web platform and code it to build an MVP. The platform has been designed and prototyped by a talented UX/UI designer already, so you will be hitting the ground running.

Phase 2 – Maintaining the System

You will be the technical guru who ensures that the system runs smoothly and efficiently whilst onboarding our first clients. Whilst doing this you will also be continuing to build out the features of the product, and starting to interview and hire your first team members to help you manage the workload.

Phase 3 – CTO

You will be the CTO – managing product build, the product roadmap, and ensuring that the product is operating at optimal efficiency for our clients. You will be responsible for the products security. You will be defining the company strategy with the CEO, and transforming this into the product strategy for your team to deliver. You will have a team of developers, DevOps, and security guys and girls to help you achieve this.

Required Skills

  • Knowledge of web application technologies, technology stacks, and the ability to map business driven requirements to the most suitable technologies available.
  • Expertise in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS (you will define the technology stack that is right for the product).
  • Knowledge of secure coding principles – you will need to write secure code, so knowledge of, or the willingness to learn, principles such as OWASPs Secure Coding Practices is required.
  • The knowledge of, or willingness to learn how to build a secure hosting environment.
  • The knowledge of, or willingness to learn how to deploy an application onto a secure hosting environment.
  • Conversational business English (if you can understand this web page you are fine).  

Nice to Have Skills

  • Knowledge of, or willingness to learn corporate risk and cyber security principles.
  • Basic “IT financial” skills (i.e. when we have a CFO you won’t drive him crazy and will be able to draft and stick to a budget).

How To Apply

Email info@riskledger.com with your contact details and I will set up a meeting to discuss the opportunity further.