Public Sector

Risk Ledger being used across multiple areas of the public sector including key government agencies like the HSA, police constabularies, City of London Police and the NHS. Many public sector bodies use Risk Ledger to stay on top of regulations and comply with the UK Cyber strategy.

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Be part of something bigger

When you join Risk Ledger you’re not only gaining access a supply chain management tools, you’re joining the Risk Ledger community. Collaborate with other CISOs, benchmark, learn and grow, understand what are best practices, exchange experience and knowledge and strengthen the community.

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UK Health Security Agency
National Health Service
Manchester Police
Department for Environment & Rural Affairs
Police Digital Service
Cheshire Constabulary
Case Study

How NHS achieved a better security posture but with less demand and resource


“Risk Ledger provides us with a more holistic, real time view of our complex supply chain, helping to identify and remediate potential vulnerabilities and issues early. The direct chat function helps forge better relationships with suppliers and provides a seamless way to discuss security and remediation activities with relevant stakeholders in a timely and efficient manner. The ability to extract valuable management information and metrics helps to ensure continuous improvement of supply chain management, adding value for both the client and our suppliers. Having confidence in the management of supply chain risk through Risk Ledger allowed us to achieve a better security posture but with less demand and resource.”

David Malkin
Divisional Information Security Officer (DISO) for UKHSA

Get cybersecurity risk assessments done in hours not days

Risk ledger automates all the boring manual tasks in addition it acts as a centralised hub for when you have auditors/need to evidence something.

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Scale supplier coverage from 5% to 95%

Onboard your supplies in minutes, get more suppliers on, and spot more vulnerabilities at a fraction of the cost of other tools

Supplier Policies

Map out your supply chain in minutes

Risk ledger automatically maps the connections across your third parties, fourth parties, nth parties. So you can spot and negate concentration risks, understand your supply chain when there’s a global incident.

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Illustrate compliance with the UK Cyber Security Strategy

Demonstrate operational resilience, continuously monitor your suppliers, minimise the impact of cyber security incidents and join our community to defend as one.

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Share of your suppliers already on Risk Ledger
from 20%
Reduction in time spent reviewing vendors
from 75%
Time for a new supplier to complete security assessment
up to 10 days
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Frequently asked questions

Can I ask my own questions?

What if suppliers don't want to upload their security information onto the system?

Does Risk Ledger individually verify the info suppliers put on their profile?

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Wondering where the greatest gap in your supply chain is?

Our latest report provides access to benchmarking data for your suppliers, quick wins for busy CISOs and a set of practical recommendations


12,000 users and 4,000 organisations already use Risk Ledger

"Solves many of our issues with supply chain assurance and granted us some unexpected benefits too."

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