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13) Does your organisation's Business Continuity Plan include operation of business activities from an alternative location?

January 30, 2023
Business Resilience
Business Continuity Security

Answer yes if your organisation's Business Continuity Plan includes the required steps to continue business operations from an alternate location if the normal business location is inaccessible.

In a crisis scenario it may be that your office locations are no longer accessible (for example fire or flood) or are no longer functional (for example power supply or communications cabling disruption). Any plan to restore and recover operations should include one or more alternative operational locations (for example relocating functions to different regional offices) or, if practicable, provisions to enable remote working.

Your Business Continuity Plan should clearly define alternative models of operational locations, including instructions, responsibilities, and resources and facilities required.

How to implement the control

Planning will require input from many business areas to conduct a full review of your business to ensure that all facilities critical to business operations and client services have full redundancy with alternatives.

Plans should be reviewed periodically to ensure that the information is maintained in line with business changes and, where practicable, physically rehearsed to confirm the plan remains viable.

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