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04) Does your organisation use an access control system on it's premises entry and exit points that includes logging of access?

August 30, 2022
Physical Security
Building Access Control

Answer yes if your organisation uses an access control system to control the movement of people in and out of its physical premises, and if this system keeps a digital log of access.

An electronic access control system is a key control in an organisations secure physical perimeter. It restricts who can enter or leave a premises, and when, and controls the movement of people within a premises.

The systems are typically a set of electronically controlled gates or man traps that can be opened via a combination of:

  • keypad code;
  • passcard;
  • finger print;
  • retinal/facial scanning.

A properly configured access control system with an embedded joiners and leavers process to provision and revoke the correct access to employees will protect the site from external and internal threats.

These systems also provide a useful audit trail of building access and movement which can be integral to a post incident investigation.

How to implement the control

An access control system should be implemented by an access control or physical security specialist who can help you to choose the correct specification of system and configure the system in a secure manner.

It is important to note that any access control systems that are connected to the internet (this should be avoided where possible) should be done so in a secure way, using strong encryption and access controls. Access control systems are a common (and vulnerable) target for hackers.

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