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28) Can your organisation remotely wipe company data on mobile phones and tablets?

August 30, 2022
IT Operations
Remote Wipe

Answer yes if your organisation has a process and technical solution that allows any lost or compromised mobile phone or tablet to be remotely wiped.

If one of your employees loses or has a device stolen that contains business confidential information, it is important that your business has a method for wiping that data to prevent unauthorised people from gaining access to it.

Most MDM software providers include this capability, and Android and Apple iPhone users also have this capability built in. It is important that your organisation's staff are aware that they must notify and trigger your companies process for remotely wiping the phone if it is lost or stolen.

Your company must have a documented process to wipe a lost or stolen phone.

How to implement the control

Android and Apple iPhone devices both have a remote wipe capability built into the devices operating system. Your organisation must have a defined process to wipe these devices if an employee reports a phone as lost or stolen.

Employees need to be made aware of the process in their yearly information security awareness training.

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