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08) Does your organisation use visitor log books (or the digital equivalent) to record visitors at all premises?

August 30, 2022
Physical Security
Visitor Logging

Answer yes if your organisation uses a physical or digital system to record the arrival of visitors, and the time at which they leave the premises.

Access control is one of the key components of physical site security, and a properly embedded visitor process is an important part of physical access control. A physical or digital system to record the arrival of visitors can be a reception-controlled signing in/out book (usually this is fine for smaller businesses) or a system that relies on visitor pass card controlled turnstiles.

Maintaining a record of all visitors helps to make sure that only authorised personnel are allowed within your sites and that an audit-able history of all visitors is kept in case of a breach. It is also important in case of a fire alarm to know who is inside your offices.

The system should record the visitors name, arrival time, leaving time, and the person they are here to visit. An ID check should be done as the visitor’s details are entered into the system (control G9).

How to implement the control

For small to medium sized enterprises a physical log book that is kept at each offices reception and updated with every visitor that enters the premises will fulfill this control. It is important to ensure that the book is taken in case of a fire alarm and that all of the following details are recorded:

  • Visitor's full name;
  • Arrival time;
  • Departure time;
  • Name of the person they are visiting (they will be responsible for accompanying the visitor around the office).

For large enterprises most access control systems will have a feature to allow the recording of visitors at reception.

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