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26) Does your organisation allow employees to access company data or services through mobile phones or tablets?

August 30, 2022
IT Operations
Mobile Phone Access

Answer yes if your organisation allows access to company data or services (e.g. email) through mobile devices. In the notes, please briefly describe the nature of the data / services accessible and whether the mobile devices are company owned or employee personal devices.

This question helps your clients understand whether or not there is a risk of a security incident occurring through the use of mobile phones at your organisation. If your organisation's employees can access company data through their mobile phones, it's important that your organisation has some basic security controls in place to protect these devices.

These controls include having all of the mobile devices secured with a biometric (fingerprint) based lock or pin based lock, installing mobile anti-malware, ensuring that all of the mobile devices are encrypted, and having the ability to remotely wipe the devices if they are lost or stolen.

How to implement the control

This question is an informational question that looks at whether or not your employees can access company data through their mobile phones.

If your employees can access company owned data (such as emails or company storage drives) through their mobile devices, answer yes.

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