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01) Does your organisation perform background checks on staff and contractors?

August 30, 2022
HR Security
Background Checks

Answer yes if background checks are conducted against staff before they join your organisation. In the notes section, please outline the types of checks (e.g. employer reference, criminal records, BPSS, CTC, SC, DV) conducted for which roles or provide a supporting document (as a PDF file) as evidence.

Conducting background checks on employees can help mitigate a number of risks to your business. Background checks are comprehensive reviews of a person or any other organisation’s commercial records, financial records and most important of all, criminal records.

The types of background check a company is able to conduct vary depending on the country that the company is registered in and the country in which the person resides. Typically, the checks cover a person’s education, employment, credit history, and criminal records.

Typically, if the employee will be working in a security-related role the employer will want to check their criminal history. If the employee is working in a role within financial services or has access to large sums of money through their job the background check should also cover their credit history.

How to implement the control

There are a number of paid services that allow an employer to conduct a background check against a member of staff (or incoming new employee) with the persons permission. It is worth doing some research to find out what services exist in your geography, and which cover the checks you wish to complete at a reasonable price.

In the UK some examples include Experian or Checkback International.

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