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09) Do your organisation's offices require visitors to undergo an ID check on arrival?

March 18, 2019 Physical Security ID Check

Answer yes if your organisation requires all visitors to undergo an ID check on arrival to ensure that they are the person that they claim to be.

All visitors to your physical sites (including employees not normally based there) should be asked to produce evidence of their identity via a recognised national identity card, passport, or photo id driving licence. The evidence should be visually checked against the person producing the identification to make sure they are the person they claim to be.

This control is an important aspect of physical site security as it helps to prevent unauthorised visitors from entering your sites. This control should be combined in the same visitors process as the previous control (control J8) so that the ID is shown at the same moment as the visitor is entered into the visitors logbook.

How to implement the control:

This should be a step in your visitors process. You reception staff should be trained to check visitors ID on arrival as they are registered into the Visitor's logbook or digital Visitor's system.

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