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07) Are all of your organisation's physical premises manned 24/7 by a security team or reception team?

March 18, 2019 Physical Security Security Team Manned Security

Answer yes if all of your organisation's physical premises are staffed 24/7 by an onsite security team, reception team, or both. If security is present for some hours (not 24/7), please answer no and state in the notes section the times during which the premises are manned.

A visible and vigilant 24/7 on-site security team is an effective control to deter physical intrusion and criminal acts, support additional security protocols (e.g. access control and intrusion response) and provide a sense of security for employees carrying out work of a sensitive nature.

A 24/7 on-site physical security presence can act as a greater deterrent than just having video surveillance as they can observe and pro-actively prevent adverse events.

How to implement the control:

A number of companies will provide a physical security service that will monitor and respond to any security incidents that occur onsite.

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