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06) Are all of your organisation's physical premises secured with an alarm?

March 18, 2019 Physical Security Alarm

Answer yes if all of your organisation's physical premises are secured with an alarm that once triggered, is investigated either by a private security team or the police.

A properly maintained and installed alarm system at a physical location is both a visible deterrent and provides an early warning of potential intruders. It is one of the key controls used to maintain site physical security when used in conjunction with other measures, such as CCTV, security guards and access controls.

If the alarm system is linked to a third party security company or local law enforcement, the timely response and appearance of an investigation team when the alarm is triggered limits the time window that intruders might have at your premises during an incursion.

How to implement the control:

An alarm system should be installed on every physical site that has access to business confidential information. The design and installation should be done by a physical security specialist who can help you to choose the correct specification of system and configure the alarm.

For SMEs, most offices for rent will have an alarm implemented to protect the premises. You should check with your landlord to ensure the alarm is installed, maintained, and that it is connected to either the police or a third-party security company who can investigate if it is triggered.

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