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03) Does your organisation publicly share metrics related to your Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance?

August 19, 2021
Environmental, Social and Governance

Answer yes if your organisation publicly shares information and metrics about your environmental and social impact. Please upload a copy of the latest report as evidence or provide a link to it.

Some organisations are required to publish some information related to their environmental, social and governance impacts, depending on specific regulations that apply, such as the FCA's rules around Disclosure and Transparency.

However, many organisations are choosing to publish more of their targets and progress towards them to demonstrate their commitment towards environmental and social responsibility and to be transparent about the risks and opportunities they face.

How to implement the control

The most commonly used standards for sustainability reporting are the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. The GRI website has lots of information about how to use the standards and how to prepare your report. You can download the GRI standards here.

The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) also provides a useful framework for reporting climate-related financial information.

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