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01) Does your organisation have any certifications or audit reports that cover environmental, social or governance issues (such as ISO 14001, ISO 45001 or B Corporation certification)?

August 19, 2021
Environmental, Social and Governance

Answer yes if your organisation has obtained any certifications or any external audit reports which cover any environmental, social or governance issues. Please state the certification or report in the notes and please upload a PDF of the relevant certification or report as evidence.

There are many different certifications or formal reports you can obtain to demonstrate that your organisation is committed to sustainability and acting as a responsible business. A few of the common certifications are:

How to implement the control

There will be a different process to follow depending on which certification(s) you are aiming to achieve. To obtain ISO certifications, you will need to implement the relevant systems according to the standards and then be audited by a certification body. You can find accredited UK certification bodies for ISO certification here.

To obtain B Corp certification, you need to submit an online assessment which is then verified by B Lab staff. You can find more information on the certification process and annual fees here.

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