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14) Does your organisation have an established and consistent framework for Health and Safety which includes provisions to ensure a safe and hygienic working environment for all of your personnel, in accordance with local health and safety laws and industry best practices?

July 30, 2023
Procurement Risk
Health and Safety

Answer yes if your organisation has implemented a framework for managing health and safety compliance across your company. The framework must include health and safety awareness initiatives (such as posters), a risk assessment programme, a defined and auditable reporting process, and relevant and valid insurance policies (in the UK this is covered by your employers liability insurance). Please describe how you manage Health & Safety in the notes.

Your company must comply with all law and regulation relating to Health and Safety in the workplace. As an employer, this means taking certain precautions to ensure your employees are safe at work.

Usually, managing health and safety isn’t complicated and you can do it yourself with the help of your workers. You know your workplace best and the risks associated with it. The Health and Safety Executive in the UK have written a guide outlining the controls needed.

How to implement the control

The Health and Safety Executive within the UK has some great guidance on implementing Health and Safety controls within your organisation. It can be found on their website here.

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