Risk Ledger CEO joins high profile panel discussion on public sector cyber security

Risk Ledger CEO participates in high profile panel discussion on how to harden public sector supply chain security in the UK, and increase operational resilience.

Risk Ledger CEO joins high profile panel discussion on public sector cyber   securityRisk Ledger CEO joins high profile panel discussion on public sector cyber   security

Risk Ledger’s CEO, Haydn Brooks, was part of a high profile panel discussion organised by techUK alongside Robert Hannigan, Chairman of BlueVoyant and former Director of GCHQ, and Stuart Frost, Head of Enterprise Security & Risk Management at the Department for Work & Pensions.

The evening event explored how best to harden often complex public sector supply chains against rising cyber attacks, and how greater collaboration, especially greater burden and information sharing, is key to make a “Defend-as-One” strategy a reality. 

The fallout from the recent MOVEit Transfer attack that affected over 2000 organisations through third parties has once again demonstrated the enormous importance of securing our supply chains. In light of the rising threat of supply chain cyber-attacks like this, and especially in light of rising geopolitical tensions, the event explored Government and public sector efforts to date to address this risk, as well as what we need to focus on going forward in order to strengthen the UK public sector’s cyber resilience.    

The UK Government, very much aware of the scale of the threat, has taken a determined leadership role in addressing it, not least through the ‘UK Government Cyber Security Strategy 2022–2030’. The event zoomed in on the strategy’s focus on supply-chain cyber security. 

Specifically, the panelists explored themes such as: 

  • The heightened risk of state-sponsored attacks against the UK public sector as a result of a worsening global geopolitical situation. 
  • The key challenges involved in securing public sector supply chains. 
  • Suggested Government approaches to reduce supply chain cyber risk, and what has been done to date. 
  • Best practices for supply chain risk management in the public sector and what the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been doing to strengthen their resilience. 
  • Increasing resilience in public sector supply chains through Defend-as-One.

For more information on Haydn’s ideas on how to secure public sector supply chains, also read his recent white paper here:


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