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Breeze Through Supplier Assurance Questionnaires Using Risk Ledger

Find out how Risk Ledger can save you from ever completing another security questionnaire through a shareable supplier assurance questionnaire.

Breeze Through Supplier Assurance Questionnaires Using Risk LedgerBreeze Through Supplier Assurance Questionnaires Using Risk Ledger

Supply chain assurance is unscalable, expensive and boring. But it doesn’t have to be. With this line of thinking as the foundation, Risk Ledger was started to completely transform the process, making it easier for both suppliers and their clients. Our greater mission has always been to improve the security maturity of the global supply chain ecosystem and to reduce the number of data breaches caused by supply chain attacks.

Since 2018, we’ve been building a rapidly expanding network of suppliers and clients working together to improve security and reduce risk in supply chains. Read on for more about how Risk Ledger works and the value the platform adds for suppliers.\

Speed up the third-party risk assessment process

Think about it: how many hours, collectively, have you spent completing security questionnaires for your clients? There’s bound to be cross over from one client to the next, which means you’re constantly repeating information – and yet there’s always enough variation to rule out a simple copy and paste. How many contract start dates have been delayed while you’re pulling together the necessary information?

"Since our organisation is so large, we don't often respond to specific questionnaire requests. But because Risk Ledger is so comprehensive, it really helps us through the process and makes it easy for us to respond," says a supplier from the Oil industry.

Risk Ledger is designed to standardise this process, cutting out all the time wasted on responding to countless security questionnaires or scrolling through email chains and complicated spreadsheets. Simply complete our comprehensive supplier assessment at organisational level once and then maintain the same profile as your business grows.

"The Risk Ledger platform was by far the best experience I have had,” says another supplier from the Software industry. “I was blown away. Being able to add comments and communicate back and forth made it so much easier than the word docs and spreadsheets I was used to."\

Join the network that’s improving security and reducing risk

Risk Ledger works on a social network model that enables suppliers and clients to create their own profiles and then connect with each other through the platform. So instead of completing a time-consuming questionnaire, you can proactively share your supplier profile with a click of a button. This removes all the friction from the third party risk assessment process, shortening your sales cycle and increasing your chances of closing new clients.

One CISO on a supplier account says “We just passed a third party security audit and a big part of that was our use of Risk Ledger! Thank you for pushing to bring Risk Ledger into the world of cyber security."

A Risk Ledger supplier profile is fully customisable from controlling which clients you share your profile with, to the length of time they can access it for, through to which domains are included. Joining the Risk Ledger network also gives you access to resources for managing and improving your security maturity so you can go on building and maintaining strong client relationships.

The best part? Risk Ledger is, and always will be, 100% free for suppliers.

"As a supplier ourselves, we are also able to proactively manage and reduce the burden of due diligence questionnaires by simply inviting our clients to access our consistently maintained Risk Ledger supplier profile at the click of a button." says Brett Backhouse, Head of Market Operations at Yieldbroker. "I've used a lot of different online platforms" adds another of our suppliers, "This is the best one I've used."\

See Risk Ledger in action

Click here to book your demo with our specialist team who can answer any questions you might have about the value Risk Ledger can bring to your business.

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