Supply Chain Security & Financial Resilience During COVID-19

We have published a white paper setting out how the COVID-19 crisis and its economic impact will drastically increase risk of security and in supply chains.

Supply Chain Security & Financial Resilience During COVID-19Supply Chain Security & Financial Resilience During COVID-19

We have published a white paper setting out how the COVID-19 health crisis, and its economic impact, will drastically increase the risk of security and financial failures in supply chains in the short and medium term.

If you work in your organisation's security, IT, procurement, risk or compliance team and have responsibility for minimising risks in the supply chain, I promise this will be an insightful read with actionable advice. Download the white paper above.

In the paper, we include:

  • Exclusive insights from the Risk Ledger platform highlighting the crucial security controls suppliers haven't implemented to minimise the risk of a breach during the COVID-19 crisis;
  • The direct impact mass remote working is having on the security posture of organisations around the world;
  • The opportunities the crisis present for improving security in your supply chain and your risk assurance programme;
  • The four things you can start doing right now to effectively manage these risks and how to do them.\

Why are we sharing this?

We founded Risk Ledger with the aim of making the global supply chain more secure resilient by building the infrastructure to facilitate trust between organisations. We want to significantly reduce the number of supply chain incidents and breaches globally.

With this mission in mind, we are pledging to give organisations access to our NCSC award-winning platform to mitigate supply chain security risks during these extraordinary times without a financial barrier to getting started.

We know that many organisations who are concerned about the drastic increase in supply chain security risks detailed in the white paper above are also experiencing financial constraints, so we commit to trying to find a way to offer support regardless of your current financial position.

We are able to do this because of the great support we have received from our institutional investors Firstminute Capital, Seedcamp, Village Global, and Episode 1 Ventures.\

How to access Risk Ledger

Contact us ( to talk to one of our team. It takes just one working day to get you setup on our platform and to begin reviewing your entire supply chain. Our customer success team will be there to support you for the entirety of the crisis and beyond if you chose to continue using our platform going forward.

If you think someone you know might find this offer useful, share this white paper with them. We really want to make sure no organisation we could help suffers an avoidable supply chain failure.

We are all in this together.


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