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Custom Properties

Custom Properties allow you to add the supplier context that matters to you and your team. Helping you stay organised and giving you the structured data you need when reviewing your entire supplier base. Define your own custom properties with the types below and easily filter, sort and export your full supplier list.

Here are some of the properties you can start using today:

  • Text – basic text for short notes such as the name of an internal business owner.
  • Select – dropdown menu of options, to categorise suppliers as you need.
  • Number – decimal numbers, such an internal identifier or contract value.
  • Date – select past or future dates, for example to record contract renewal dates.
  • Boolean – used to indicate whether something is true or false.
  • URL – a special text field for including website links.
  • Email – a specific text field for including an email address, such as business contact.

Fixes & improvements

  • We now send an email notification to client users 30 days before a suppliers approval is about to expire.
  • We've improved the messaging displayed to users when Business Approval is required.
  • We now include notes from the private notes tab in a supplier's profile PDF export.

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