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Introducing Emerging Threats

Today we’re launching a new module to help you respond to a live cyber security threat within your supply chain.

Responding & sharing your status

When an Emerging Threat occurs, such as Log4j, you’re likely inundated with messages from clients who are all asking the exact same questions, whilst you try to juggle your own incident response.

When the next Emerging Threat is identified we’ll ask you whether you’re affected and the current status of your response. We’ll then leverage the Risk Ledger network to share this with your connected clients.

Reviewing your suppliers responses

As suppliers begin to respond, you will see a quick snapshot of how your supply chain is affected on a personalised dashboard. You can then delve deeper into each supplier’s response to collaborate on remediation.

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If you’d like to learn more, read our latest blog post or dive straight into our help centre.

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