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Supplier Framework August Update

We regularly review and iterate on our Supplier Framework.

Reviews are completed every 6 months so that the framework stays relevant, useful and practical for all users of the platform.

Introducing Environmental, Social and Governance domain

Whilst security remains our key focus, we recognise the importance of understanding the environmental and social risks in your supply chain and the impact they have on the overall sustainability of your business. This evolution of our standardised Supplier Framework is designed to provide our clients and their suppliers with a practical way of sharing and discussing the information needed to do this.

Improved clarity and coverage

We have added new controls and improved the wording of existing controls to make them clear and more meaningful. This will help suppliers provide clear and accurate information to their clients across a wide range of risk domains.

Better flow and separation

Some domains have been renamed to better reflect the controls within them; the Procurement Risk domain has been removed and the controls from that domain have been split between 'Financial Risk' (renamed from 'Financial Crime') and a new Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) domain. The order of some controls has changed to improve the logic flow.

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