Risk Ledger Case Study: PR Gloo
Risk Ledger Case Study: PR Gloo

How PRgloo saved time on supplier and assessments

Samantha Deeks, CEO of PRgloo, says Risk Ledger makes supplier assessments a breeze and every profile share improves information security.

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Learn how PRgloo simultaneously saved time on supplier and assessments and strengthened their information security

With supplier assessments coming out of their ears, the team at PRgloo saves tons of time and energy by simply sharing their supplier profile. Learn how PRgloo uses Risk Ledger to their competitive advantage, identify hazards, accelerate sales processes and strengthen information security.

It goes without saying that a product is built for its users. So there’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing one of those users make the most of your product, using every feature to its fullest extent and genuinely delighting in the benefits you set out to deliver. That’s why we particularly enjoyed chatting with Samantha Deeks, CEO of PRgloo and a self-confessed advocate of the Risk Ledger platform.

An unexpected game changer

PRgloo is an industry-leading media relations and workflow management platform. The nature of their business means that they handle a great deal of sensitive information. On top of this, their high profile and heavily audited customers include government departments and public bodies. So, naturally, information assurance is a huge priority for everyone involved.

It was in replying to a tender for one such customer last year, a police force, that PRgloo was invited to join Risk Ledger. Samantha initially breathed a sigh of “not another bloody system” – but that was until she started training on the platform.

“Within five minutes I realised that Risk Ledger could be a real game changer for us,” she explains. “First of all, I saw that there were logically structured questions grouped into really nice, intuitive sections and that we could share that information with potential customers. Even just that level made me think ah, this is very good.”

Like many organisations PRgloo was still wading through tedious information security processes, juggling countless pieces of documentation, clients assessing risk appetite, managing business processes, monitoring control measures and expending tons of energy keeping everything up to date. And, to put the amount of time they were spending on completing supplier assessments into perspective, the business gets upwards of 15 requests every month for GDPR alone.

“Then I saw that prospects could set up their own profile and immediately see how well we complied with their requirements,”adds Samantha. “That’s when I had a lightbulb moment and realised actually, this is brilliant. I hadn’t come across such a useful platform in a while. So we immediately put all our efforts into our Risk Ledger supplier profile.”

Top of the leaderboard

To say that PRgloo now regularly sends their Risk Ledger profile to prospects is a bit of an understatement. In our (unofficial) leaderboard, PRgloo is ranked 3rd out of over 2,000 organisations on our platform for the most profile shares to date. Samantha says doing this has set a whole new pace for their sales cycle.

“In between someone being interested and actually putting their money where their mouth is, a customer will need to get everything signed off by various people and their IT team will have questions,” she told us. “Now, as soon as they show interest in PRgloo, we simply send them the link and everything is there. Giving our salespeople the ability to share all that information straight away, and know that it’s up to date, has really helped to speed up our sales processes.”

Of course, there are times when customers push back and insist that PRgloo uses their own information security systems and processes. Samatha says they don’t mind spending more time on the 10% of customers who won’t let them respond via Risk Ledger, though, because they’re saving so much time on the customers who do. But it’s not just about responding to supplier assessments quickly and easily, PRgloo uses each profile share as an opportunity to continuously improve their information security.

Samantha explains: “We can easily see how non-compliant we are for a prospect, which allows us to focus our efforts on updating certain policies and to identify the areas that need work or the places that need more information. So, in a sense, our information security and GDPR documentation can potentially get better with every customer or prospect that views it via Risk Ledger.”

The golden ratio for supplier assessments

Recently PRgloo shared the big news with us that they’ve become part of Onclusive, a newly formed partner for PR and Communication teams. It’s an exciting next step for Samantha and her team as they join a much larger organisation – with a bigger, more complex supply chain.

“Our newly appointed Security Manager immediately started working on the platform and went ‘this is amazing!’ My background is as a product person and I think Risk Ledger is a genius product,” says Samantha. “It really has helped us so much in about 80% of the cases where we have to respond to supplier assessments. And considering we have supplier assessments 100% of the time, it's a pretty good ratio.”

There’s nothing better for us than to see our platform shortening sales cycles, being used to evaluate the risks and reducing the friction for third party suppliers like PRgloo – and to speak to users like Samantha who really believe in our product. We’re looking forward to supporting the team through this new stage in their journey as part of Onclusive.

Fast, frictionless information security

Risk Ledger is free for suppliers, helping you simplify your risk assessment processes, maintain data integrity and data security while simultaneously helping cutting down the workload of winning new clients. We’ll get you started with personalised training based on your specific pain points and goals for achieving ease of process. With ongoing access to our extensive knowledge base, user-friendly templates and a dedicated account manager, you’ll have support every step of the way.

Ready to join the rapidly growing Risk Ledger network? Book a demo or dive right in and request an invite today.

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