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Visualise your supply chain

We believe all organisations should understand the risk that their entire supply chain poses to them - not just their immediate suppliers.

As a client, the Network Visualisation will show the names of all organisations within your supply chain on Risk Ledger, including 4th, 5th and 6th parties. This gives organisations who use Risk Ledger unparalleled insights into the breadth and depth of their supply chains.

Spot potential concentration risks

Concentration risk is when there is an over reliance on certain organisations within the supply chain - it’s a problem that organisations often don’t get visibility over.

We’ve spoken to a number of organisations that need to understand and assess potential concentration risks within their supply chain and the threat they pose. Often, gaining meaningful data from third-party suppliers can be painful and time consuming.

Leveraging the power of the Risk Ledger network, we now give visibility of potential concentration risks - we'd love to hear your feedback on this.

Filter out the noise

As the visibility of your supply chain increases, it's important to be able to focus in and cut through the noise. To make it even easier, we've added extra tools such as filtering, which will allow you to filter by Criticality, Confidentiality, PII and your own custom labels.

Control your contribution

We believe it is important for every organisation benefiting from the Risk Ledger network to equally contribute to the network through sharing of their own supply chain.

If you do not wish to share the names of your suppliers with your clients, you can disable the network visualisation in your settings. By disabling this feature, the names of your suppliers will remain private and you will not have access to the network visualisation feature.

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