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Get confidence in your supplier risk management

See how Risk Ledger helps you to be on top of your supply chain security.


Get your cybersecurity risk assessment tasks done in hours, not days. Shorten your procurement cycle to weeks, not months.


Scale your coverage of suppliers from 5% to 95%. Spot more vulnerabilities at just 10% of the cost of your current programme.


From finance to critical national infrastructure, companies in regulated industries use Risk Ledger to work confidently with their suppliers.

Cyber attacks in the supply chain are today’s #1 source of security incidents

Did you know that over 60% of organisations have suffered a security breach through a third party?

It’s understandable – the traditional processes are broken. Organisations face a burden of ineffective, inefficient admin. ‘Point in time’ cybersecurity assessments make for poor-quality data that goes out of date fast, offering little protection.

We’ve experienced these supply chain challenges first hand. The frustration of doing the same things again and again, blocked from making progress, feeling like you’re on the back foot.

Nobody should have to defend themselves against cyber attacks with a paper shield. That’s why we built Risk Ledger.

BAE Systems
Aldermore Bank
NHS Test and Trace

Explore our Dynamic Controls Framework for supplier assessments

Approved by UK government experts, our framework is the only way to achieve real scalability for supply chain security. We’re always evolving it with feedback from our customers – an untapped source of collectivised expertise.

  • 1. Get the right risk assessment data with our Dynamic Controls Framework. It unlocks network effects to scale your supply chain security.

    Our framework for supplier risk assessments is the standard you need. Mouldable to your risk appetite, covering all the cybersecurity criteria organisations care about globally.

  • 2. See live assessment data in supplier-owned profiles (like Linkedin for cybersecurity).

    No more one-off questionnaires gathering dust. A single source of truth. Easy for suppliers to update and share, and free forever. A place to showcase security certifications and other supporting evidence.

  • 3. Send and receive updates about controls in real time. Our network model means you’re always connected with the organisations you work with.

    Our platform is a data pipe, not a database. We don't just store information. We turn it into meaningful insights, driving accountability through visibility, with custom privacy and sharing settings.

  • 4. Collaborate on remediation and other tasks directly in the platform.

    Risk Ledger facilitates communication. Whether you need to check something with a supplier or work with other teams internally, from procurement to HR to compliance.

  • 5. Visualise concentration risk beyond third parties.

    You’ve got suppliers. Your suppliers also have suppliers… as well as other clients. In our network visualisation graph, we automatically map the connections across your third parties, fourth parties, nth parties.

  • 6. Do continuous monitoring, but from inside out.

    See the state of play for all your suppliers’ internal security controls, lifting the lid on cybersecurity risk. Create quick reports with all the data centralised. We give you a snapshot of your supply chain, whenever you need it.

  • 7. Join us in creating the future of Defend-as-One. (No organisation is an island. Already, many customers use Risk Ledger as both a client and a supplier.)

    We’re helping organisations work together to improve the security of the global supply chain for consumers and companies alike. As our network grows, so does the potential to flip cyber threat intelligence on its head.

“Risk Ledger is proving to be a really important part of our toolset for understanding and managing security risk in our supply chain. We want to set an example in this space, and moving towards the network model Risk Ledger supports will certainly help drive up supplier engagement within our industry, as well as reduce the amount of work required on both sides. We are using Risk Ledger to get an accurate snapshot of our own supply chain risks, continuously monitoring our suppliers and giving us the ability to engage with them promptly and effectively when action is required. We are particularly excited about the visualisation tool which will help us spot concentration risk within the aviation industry.”

Matt Taylor, CISO
UK Civil Aviation Authority

Going beyond third parties to fourth, fifth and sixth parties

Our unique platform facilitates a network of trust between organisations. These network effects give clients visibility further along the supply chain.

For instance, a national health organisation used Risk Ledger to identify a situation where several third-party suppliers were all dependent on the same fourth-party supplier. They then worked with those third parties to firstly understand that risk, then take action to mitigate it.

With help from insights like this, many of our customers have improved their supplier contracts.

Drive supplier engagement (average turnaround time: 10 business days)

Risk Ledger makes it easy for suppliers to do what you need them to. Our knowledge base guides them through each control, and how to implement it properly if they haven't already. Our customer success team helps with onboarding too.

“I have to say, I've used a lot of these tools and yours is by far the best - easiest to use, clearest, most informative. The customer support has been awesome.”


Industry Awards

“Risk Ledger beat some excellent competition at the Cyber Den event because their platform approaches supply chain security in a novel way that could revolutionise the way organisations understand the cybersecurity of their supply chains which is at the root of so many security incidents.”

Ian Levy, Technical Director
UK National Cyber Security Centre
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