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Mitigate supplier risk
without the overheads.

Join the fastest growing third-party risk management network.


Gain immediate access to dynamic and up-to-date risk profiles, with supporting evidence.


Complete intuitive and frictionless workflows to understand each supplier's risk profile.


Run approvals to contractually enforce minimum security requirements without using your legal team.

Are your third parties secure?

Over 60% of organisations have experienced a security breach caused by a third party. Managing third-party risks has become mission critical to organisations in every industry.

Risk Ledger gives organisations of all sizes the tools to identify, measure, mitigate and manage third, fourth, and fifth party supplier risks using a combination of smart workflows, technical automations, and up-to-date data collected directly from each one of your suppliers and backed up with verifiable evidence.

Explore our Supplier Assessment Framework

The Risk Ledger platform is based around our standardised Supplier Assessment Framework - suitable for Third-Party Risk Management across all industries.

  • Shorten your procurement cycle by over 80%

    Connect with your suppliers who are not already on the platform by simply inputting a contact email address or uploading a bulk list of contact emails. On average, suppliers complete their Risk ledger security led supplier assessment within 10 working days - 80% faster than spreadsheet based, point-in-time assessments.

  • No more old data

    Leave point-in-time assessments on spreadsheets or outdated platforms behind with our continuous monitoring model. Suppliers are required to keep their Risk Ledger supplier assessment up-to-date and re-attest to the accuracy of the information and evidence every 6 months. Get notified by the platform as soon as any supplier's assessment responses fall below your minimum requirements according to the policies you have applied to them.

  • Crowdsource supplier assessments for extra assurance

    Supplier assessments on the platform will be reviewed by all of the clients connected with them through Risk Ledger, providing a consistent commercial incentive to update and maintain their Risk Ledger assessment regularly.

  • Match your risk control requirements to each third party's risk profile

    Easily match the appropriate security requirements to each supplier based on their criticality to your organisation and the confidentiality of the data you share with them. Suppliers only have to implement and maintain controls in line with the risk they pose to your organisation.

“It’s probably the best risk assessment system I’ve worked with (much better than any others I’ve used before). Very clear and simple to use, understand and to tap into additional resources to aid in the understanding of how to answer the questions.”

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Go beyond third parties to fourth, fifth and sixth parties

Our unique secure social network model allows every organisation to both run a third party risk management programme and respond to client assessments, facilitating a network of trust relationships between organisations on the platform.

This network effect allows clients to gain visibility of fourth, fifth and sixth party compliance with their supply chain risk management policies and use trickledown clauses to enforce comprehensive, multi level security requriements.

Drive supplier engagment

Suppliers can complete and maintain their Risk Ledger supplier assessment for free with the support of our knowledgebase guiding them through each control and how to implement it properly if they haven't already.

“I have to say, I've used a lot of these tools and yours is by far the best - easiest to use, clearest, most informative. The customer support has been awesome.”


Award Winning

“Risk Ledger beat some excellent competition at the Cyber Den event because their platform approaches supply chain security in a novel way that could revolutionise the way organisations understand the cybersecurity of their supply chains which is at the root of so many security incidents.”

Ian Levy, Technical Director
UK National Cyber Security Centre
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