03) Does your organisation have a formal leaver's process to ensure that employees, contractors and third party users return all IT assets when they leave the organisation?
IT Operations Leaver's Process
Written by Haydn Brooks
Created on March 18, 2019
Modified on June 7, 2020

Answer yes if your organisation has a formal leaver’s process that ensures employees, contractors and third-party users return all IT assets when they leave the organisation (this usually takes the form of a checklist).

A formal and documented Leaver’s Process is an important control to ensure that your employees, contractors, and any third parties who are issued with IT equipment return it. This helps save IT spend and makes sure that employees don’t leave with devices that contain sensitive company data.

A Leaver’s process usually involves the recording of any equipment that is issued to the member of staff when they receive it which then forms a checklist of equipment to be returned when they leave the Company.

In small companies the Leaver’s checklist can be maintained through a checklist form that is filled in by the line manager for each new employee or contractor that joins. The form is then completed when each item is returned as the employee or contractor leaves.

In larger companies this is often fulfilled by ITSM (IT Service Management) software or through HR software.

How to implement the control:

For small companies a template Leaver’s checklist can be requested at info@riskledger.com. You must ensure that all line managers fill in the checklist when a new employee or contractor joins, and that they complete the checklist when they leave.

For larger companies we suggest the IT team ensure this process is baked into their IT service desk processes.

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