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02) Does your organisation use CCTV to monitor office entry and exit points?

March 18, 2019 Physical Security CCTV

Answer yes if your organisation uses CCTV cameras on all of its premises entry and exit points.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are a physical deterrent to site intruders and enable sites to maximise security coverage.

CCTV systems should be monitored by a security resource, or should be armed with a sensor that triggers an alert to a security resource when they detect movement. Unmonitored systems can be useful for post-incident investigation purposes but don't offer much protection in detecting and stopping active attacks.

The effective and manned use of CCTV can provide situational awareness and defensive advantage, forensic evidence, and help to measure the effectiveness of site security. It should be noted that CCTV images are subject to GDPR legislation and the legalities of CCTV vary between countries.

How to implement the control:

CCTV should be implemented by a CCTV or physical security specialist who can help you to choose the correct specification of camera, position the cameras to cover the correct areas, and configure the system in a secure manner.

It is important to note that any CCTV cameras that are connected to the internet should be done so in a secure way, using strong encryption and access controls. CCTV cameras are a common (and vulnerable) target for hackers.

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