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For Suppliers

The last supplier assessment you ever have to complete.

Shorten your sales cycles and remove friction from your client relationships.


Complete sections of the Risk Ledger standardised supplier assessment relevant to your business - for free.


Allow access to your supplier assessment for the clients you choose - nobody else.


Maintain your supplier assessment so you never have to complete another assessment again.

Are you wasting time repeating assessments?

If you are selling B2B, most organisations will ask you to complete a security assessment which can be extensive and time consuming because of poorly worded questionnaires on spreadsheets and long email trails. This adds friction to your sales and account management processes - slowing down your business.

Risk Ledger is dedicated to simplifying your company's process for responding to your clients' third-party risk assessments and reduces the amount of work you have to do to win and keep clients - all for free.

Explore our Dynamic Controls Framework for supplier assessments

Approved by UK government experts, our framework is the only way to achieve real scalability for supply chain security. We’re always evolving it with feedback from our customers – an untapped source of collectivised expertise.

  • Complete once, use forever

    Complete the Risk Ledger comprehensive supplier assessment just once and share it at the click of a button with any other client that conducts a third-party risk assessment against your organisation. Suppliers on Risk Ledger complete their assessment in approximately 3 hours cumulatively - cutting weeks from their sales cycle. Your supplier assessment is only visible to clients you choose to connect with on the Risk Ledger platform.

  • Free tools to make your life easier

    Risk Ledger is dedicated to making it as easy as possible for organisations to respond to supplier assessments. Our Autofill tool takes the answers from your Risk Ledger supplier assessment and automatically answers excel based assessments you upload if a client won't accept your Risk Ledger supplier assessment.

    Our knowledgebase makes it easy for you to understand, complete and maintain your assessment - saving you time and effort.

  • No more spreadsheets or long email chains

    Multiple users per supplier can log in to complete and maintain your Risk Ledger supplier assessment in one secure space - avoiding long email chains and incomprehensible shared spreadsheets.

  • It's Free

    Risk Ledger is free and always will be free for suppliers to join and use the platform to showcase their security regime to clients.

“I have to say, I've used a lot of these tools and yours is by far the best - easiest to use, clearest, most informative. The customer support has been awesome.”


Award Winning

“Risk Ledger beat some excellent competition at the Cyber Den event because their platform approaches supply chain security in a novel way that could revolutionise the way organisations understand the cybersecurity of their supply chains which is at the root of so many security incidents.”

Ian Levy, Technical Director
UK National Cyber Security Centre
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