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Supply Chain Risks Insight Report - Security Governance

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This edition takes a close up look at the implementation of security governance risk controls across the supply chain ecosystem. Insights are gained from the anonymised and aggregated data of the hundreds of companies who use the Risk Ledger third-party risk management platform to share supplier risk assessment data with clients.

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As supply chain cyber security breaches have become headline news in mainstream media, business leaders are pushing their teams to take a closer look at the security regimes of the third parties their organisation relies on.

While the security posture of an organisation is based on more than security governance risk controls, they do define and underpin the implementation of security risk controls within an organisation's operational teams - making them a foundational element of any organisation's security regime. It is also crucial that third-party risk managers look closely at security governance risk controls to get a picture of the wider security culture at the organisation they are reviewing.

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